Theater Summer Camp for Kids at SaPa

Step into the Spotlight and Shine Bright

Welcome to our summer camp for theatre! Our program is designed to help children develop their acting skills and explore the world of theatre. Through our various activities, children will learn about voice modulation, how to emote, how to express themselves through body language, music and movement, creating stories and story enactment, character building, usage of space, improvisations, building imagination, creating visuals on stage, use of property (props), and costumes.

Theater Summer Camp for Kids at SaPa

Enriching Summer With Theatre

As a parent, you want your child to have a fulfilling and enriching summer experience. Without structured activities, your child may end up spending their days in front of a screen, feeling bored and unfulfilled. Our theatre summer camp offers a safe and engaging environment for your child to discover their creativity, build their confidence, and learn new skills. Our curriculum covers all aspects of theatre, including acting, singing, dancing, and stagecraft. Your child will have the opportunity to learn new skills and improve existing ones.

Theater Summer Camp for Kids at SaPa

Culture of Creativity

Our program also includes activities that encourage children to use their imagination, develop their creativity, and refine their communication skills. Through storytelling, improvisations, and character building, children will learn how to develop their own unique characters and bring them to life on stage.

Additionally, our program will introduce children to the importance of space, props, and costumes in creating a believable and engaging performance. They will learn how to use these elements to enhance their performance and create a memorable experience for the audience.

What's included in this program?

🎤 Voice and Voice Modulation: Learn to control and adjust your voice to convey the mood and characteristics of your character, and connect with the audience through your voice.

😢 😡 😣 How to Emote: Master various emotions and learn to express them in different situations, enhancing your communication skills.

💬 How to Express: Develop advanced communication skills through body language, usage of words, and materials, understanding that expression is a two-way street

🕺‍ Body Language: Understand the importance of body language, interpreting other people's moods and emotions, and enhancing your conscious understanding of their reactions.

♫ 💃 Music and Movement: Learn how movement can communicate messages and represent actions, associating your daily movements according to the needs of the story.

📚 🎭 Creating Stories & Story Enactment: Enhance your imagination, visualisation, and communication skills through storytelling, presenting stories through actions, dialogues, dance, and songs.

🎭 Character Building: Learn how to understand a character by associating them with the people around you, developing their talks, actions, and thoughts.

🏢 Usage of Space: Understand how to use the space on the stage, including positioning of actors, sets, and props, and communicate the story by creating actor and audience relationships

🤹 Improvisations: Develop your creativity, spontaneity, and the ability to perform without preconceived ideas, widening your imagination to generate new ideas.

☆ Building Imagination: Boost your social, emotional, creative, physical, linguistic, and cognitive development, understanding how imagination helps in building the world of the character and making the audience believe that the character is real.

🎬 Creating Visuals on Stage: Learn how to understand, enhance, and enact scenes, bringing to life the world that exists in the story.

🎉 Use of Property (Prop): Appreciate the importance of props in enhancing performances and playing roles more adequately.

👗 👖 Costumes: Understand the importance of costumes in telling a story, getting into your character, and gaining the attention of the audience.

Enroll your child today and help them discover the beauty of theater with SaPa!

Course Fee: Rs.4,000 + GST

Program Features

  • Theater classes for 9 to 14 yeas old.
  • Classes at Sanjaynagar: Starts from April 17th to April 28th (Mon to Fri, for 2 weeks, 10 days, Sat and Sun off).
  • Classes at Rajajinagar: Starts from May 8th to May 19th (Mon to Fri, for 2 weeks, 10 days, Sat and Sun off).
  • Timings: between 01:00pm to 03:00pm
Enroll your child today and help them discover the joy of music with SaPa!

Where this program happens?

Classes happens at SaPa centers - Sanjaynagar & Rajajinagar


Who can attend this program?

Kids between the age of 9 to 14 years


Address: Sanjayanagara

#3, Postal Colony Layout,

1st Main, Sanjayanagara,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094

Address: Rajajinagar

279/25, 59th Cross, 20th Main Rd,

3rd Block, Rajajinagar,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010

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