About the Course

The songwriting course introduces students to the different elements in a contemporary song. It is a chance to understand the nuances of lyric writing, the importance of setting and sticking to a schedule, and more. At the end of the course, students will be able to write the lyrics to their own song.

About the Instructor

Dr. Bindu Subramaniam

Dr. Bindu Subramaniam, described as a 'third generation prodigy' by the Hindustan Times, 'a Bangalore woman changing the way children learn' by Femina Karnataka magazine, and an 'assured young soprano' by the Times of India, is a singer, song writer, entrepreneur, author, and music educator." Bindu Subramaniam is also the Founder and CEO for SaPa and SaPa in Schools.

Who can take this course?

Musicians, lyricists, or anyone interested in exploring songwriting.

What you'll learn

Dr. Bindu Subramaniam - Songwriting - Part 1

  • Introduction (Video) Preview
  • Metronome, Tambura, and Tuner - User Guide (PDF)
  • Writing Descriptively (Video)
  • Writing Descriptively (PDF)
  • Descriptive Writing - Barefoot Warriors (Assignment)
  • Descriptive Writing: Barefoot Warriors (Video)
  • Word of the Day (Activity)
  • Descriptive Writing - Candle (Assignment)
  • Descriptive Writing: Candle (Video)
  • Descriptive Writing - Brother (Assignment)
  • Descriptive Writing: Brother (Video)
  • Snow White (Activity)
  • Descriptive Writing - Mirror (Assignment)
  • Descriptive Writing: Mirror (Video)
  • The Parts of a Song (Video)
  • The Parts of a Song (Activity)
  • How to Listen to a Song (Video)
  • Introduction to Rhyme (Video)
  • Perfect Rhyme (PDF)
  • Time to Rhyme (Activity)
  • Examples of Perfect Rhyme (Video)
  • Songs with Perfect Rhyme (Activity)
  • Introduction to Meter (Video)
  • Songs in Meter (Activity)
  • Write Words to Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Video)
  • Writing Examples - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (Video)
  • Shyamale Meenakshi (Assignment)
  • Writing Examples - Shyamale Meenakshi (Video)
  • Shyamale Meenakshi (Audio)
  • Storytelling through Songs (Video)
  • Create your Own Storyline (Video)
  • Writing Examples - Storylines (Video)
  • Songs with Clear Storyline (Activity)
  • Line Length and Number of Lines (Video)
  • Song Examples - Line Length and Number of Lines (Video)
  • Songs with Long Lines (Video)
  • Songs with Short Lines (Activity)
  • Family Rhyme (Video)
  • Songs with Imperfect Rhyme (Activity)
  • Other types of Rhyme (Video)
  • Rhyme Schemes (PDF)
  • Writing Example - Verses (Video)
  • Writing Example - Prechorus (Video)
  • Writing Example - Chorus (Video)
  • Writing Example - Bridge (Video)
  • Creating Contrast (Video)
  • Completing Songs (Video)
  • Putting Songs Together (Video)
  • Top Tips for Songwriting (Video)
  • Conclusion (Video)
  • Keep in Mind
  • See you in Part 2

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