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This is a course that addresses some of the most common questions you may have as a pianist - what are the different types of techniques you can use for the left hand to enhance your music, how to vary tempo, tone and use different patterns, how to apply it to Indian and other forms of music. Coming from one of the best in Indian piano, this course offers video lectures and practise exercises, along with supporting material to further your skills. Learn about aalaap, raga elaboration, jod, jhaala, ostinatos, chords in Indian music as well as a peek into Jazz techniques.

About the Instructor

Utsav Lal

Utsav Lal Indian pianist/composer , often known as the ‘Raga Pianist’ is recognised as the rarest of pianists. Stunning the world with his innovative handling of Indian Classical Music on a Western instrument, The Irish Times describes Utsav Lal as “a fleet-fingered performer whose best moments can be both highly evocative and dazzling.” Lal’s ground-breaking work has garnered an impressive career spanning two decades, with solo performances at world famous venues like Carnegie Hall (New York), Southbank Centre (London), Kennedy Center (Washington DC), Steinway Hall (New York), Asia Society (Hong Kong), Arts Center (Melbourne).

What you'll learn

Utsav Lal - Left Hand Piano Techniques for Indian Music

  • Introduction (Video)Preview
  • Welcome (PDF)
  • Metronome, Tambura, and Tuner - User Guide (PDF)
  • Three Important Things to Remember (Video)
  • Notes for Module 1 (PDF)
  • How to Use the Left Hand While Playing Alaap (Video)
  • Example: Left Hand in Tanpura Style (Video)
  • Example: Left Hand Augmenting and Supporting the Right Hand (Video)
  • Example: Left Hand Filling in the Space (Video)
  • Example: Using the Three Techniques Together (Video)
  • Things to Keep in Mind While Playing Alaap (Video)
  • Notes for Module 2 (PDF)
  • How to Use the Left Hand When Playing Jod and Jhaala (Video)
  • Example: On beat, Off beat, On and Off Beat (Video)
  • Exercise: Playing the Left Hand on the Onbeat and Offbeats (Video)
  • Exercise: Playing the Left Hand Only on the Onbeats or Only on the Offbeats (Video)
  • Things to Keep in Mind (Video)
  • Notes for Module 3 (PDF)
  • Ostinato (Video)
  • Example: Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram (Video)
  • Raghupati Raghava Raja Ram
  • Exercise with Jod Pattern (Video)
  • Variations on Exercise with Jod Pattern (Video)
  • Exercise in Double Time (Video)
  • Notes for Module 4 (PDF)
  • Chords and Harmony (Video)
  • Example: Jane Kahaan (Video)
  • Example: Jane Kahaan - Inversions (Video)
  • Jane Kahan
  • Notes for Module 5 (PDF)
  • Example: Folk song: Paanihari (Video)
  • Example: Folk song: Paanihari Chords (Video)
  • Panihari
  • Notes for Module 6 (PDF)
  • Exercises (Video)
  • Exercises Continued (Video)
  • Major Scales (Video)
  • Notes for Module 7 (PDF)
  • Teentaal Part 1 (Video)
  • Teentaal Part 2 (Video)
  • Notes for Module 8 (PDF)
  • Rupak Taal (Video)
  • Jhaala Part 1 (Video)
  • Jhaala Part 2 (Video)
  • Notes for Module 9 (PDF)
  • Autumn Leaves: Left Hand Jazz Strategies Part 1 (Video)
  • Autumn Leaves: Left Hand Jazz Strategies Part 2 (Video)
  • Autumn Leaves: Left Hand Jazz Strategies Part 3 (Video)
  • Autumn Leaves
  • Using the Sympathetic Resonance of the Piano (Video)
  • Example - Composition with Left Hand Ostinato (Video)
  • Notes for Module 11 (PDF)
  • The Rumbling Left Hand (Video)
  • Thank You (PDF)

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