Why Bhajans & Shlokas for Kids?

Is your child asking you questions about Indian culture and traditions? Do you miss the comfort of the joint family system with elders relating devotional stories, reciting shlokas, teaching their meanings, and enlightening your children on traditional values and practices? It was so seamless as children learnt through observation. That has become a luxury that the current generation is sorely missing. It is precisely to fill this gap that SaPa’s popular Bhajans and Shlokas class has been designed.

Help your kids connect to their roots through devotional songs and shlokas. Let them delve into Indian history and watch them swell with a feeling of pride about their rich legacy. Through these short and fun Dussehra courses, SaPa will open a new, yet old, world of harmony and heritage that your children didn’t know about before. The perfect opportunity for children to experience a feeling of belonging to the wealth of culture around them.

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What to expect in Bhajans and Shlokas

Learn 5 popular bhajans from different parts of India

Understand the meanings and stories behind each bhajan

Learn FUN facts and anecdotes related to each bhajan

Learn to recite 5 shlokas for different situations

Showcase performance at the end of the course

Benefits for Children

Discover your strong roots

Experience a sense of belonging

Connect to Indian culture

Develop pride & respect for Indian traditions

Feel relaxed and centred with harmonious sounds

Why our learners love SaPa

Qualified & experienced educators

Friendly learning environment

Broadminded approach to learning

Access to Indian & global music

Well-researched teaching methodology

Personalised focus on growth

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I am interested but I have some more questions…

We will be teaching bhajans in different languages as well as stories and some FUN activities with the children. They will also learn shlokas. Rest assured, your children will learn a reliable value system that builds a solid foundation for life.

We have professionally trained music educators with vast experience in their art forms.

There will be a maximum of 15 in each batch - enough to make the class interesting, but not too many to get lost in a crowd!.

These classes have been carefully designed to ensure your child learns bhajans and shlokas in a systematic way. While it would be best to attend all the sessions, your child will benefit from attending any of the sessions. Each class has its own lessons and values that can be appreciated independently also. So, do sign up and help your child attend as many as he/she can.

Yes, classes will be held online on Zoom or Skype.

As this is planned for the Dussehra vacations, there will not be any compensatory classes. But, even if you are able to attend only a few, we would highly recommend you join the classes.

SaPa has an approach of learning in a fun-filled environment. So, no matter what class we teach, children are fully involved and on board participating proactively and willingly. The Bhajans and Shlokas classes have been one of the most popular classes in the last two years. Children have, so far, loved it. Give it a shot! You will be surprised at how your child responds.

Yes, we will do our best to make the classes relevant to your child’s age group.

Yes, absolutely! Children come up with great ideas and improvisations during classes, which we, wholeheartedly, embrace and encourage.

Yes, we will be giving course completion certificates.