About the Course

This is a chance to learn the basics of the tabla. Delivered by one of India’s most popular percussionists, Tanmoy Bose, this course helps you build a strong foundation in the tabla. It introduces you to Indian rhythm, helps you develop techniques to apply to your daily practice, and most importantly, helps you fall in love with Indian percussion.

About the Instructor

Pandit Tanmoy Bose

Pandit Tanmoy Bose is an internationally acclaimed tabla player, composer, and educator. He has collaborated with the world's best artists across genres, and is also a passionate researcher. In his course, he teaches learners how to play the tabla, commonly used taals, compositions on the tabla, gharanas, and important practice tips to develop skill.

Who can take this course?

Percussionists and rhythm players from any discipline who want to know more about Hindustani rhythms, and tabla players looking to build their skills.

What you'll learn

Tanmoy Bose - Understanding Hindustani Rhythms

  • Introduction to Tabla (Video) Preview
  • Welcome! (PDF
  • Metronome, Tambura, and Tuner - User Guide (PDF)
  • Introduction to Tala System (Video)
  • Sound Check (Activity)
  • Commonly Used Talas (Video)
  • Commonly Used Talas (PDF)
  • Match the Taal to the Beat (Activity)
  • Compositions - Kaida (Video)
  • Compositions - Rela (Video)
  • Compositions - Tukda (Video)
  • Compositions - Gat (Video)
  • Compositions - Chakradhar (Video)
  • Compositions - Farad, Dwipadi, Tripadi (Video)
  • Gharanas (Video)
  • Gharanas (PDF)
  • Jaati System and Practice (Video)
  • Jaati System and Practice (PDF)
  • Crossword Mania (Activity)
  • The Art of Vocalising (Video)
  • What Defines a Great Tabla Player? (Video)
  • Basic and Advanced Hand Practice (Video)
  • Basic Hand Practice (PDF)
  • Thank You (PDF)

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