What your child will learn

  • Popular, child-friendly songs from all over the world
  • Fun activities
  • Basics of rhythm and melody
  • DIY session - for making instruments
  • Simple movements and graceful coordination
  • Warm-up exercises

Benefits of Music & Movement for young children

Exposure to all genres - Learn Indian & global music

Riveting story-telling - Internalise values through stories

Lessons on culture - Appreciate & respect Indian & global culture

Improved communication skills - Sing in different languages, improve vocabulary

Enhanced social skills - Interact and enjoy with peers

Stronger motor skills - Learn simple movements that improve coordination and motor skills

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Who can attend this program?

Kids between the age of 4 and 6 years

Why Music & Movement

Parents of children below the age of 6, generally, have a challenging task finding age-appropriate classes for them. This is the perfect age to introduce your kids to music as it is one of the few activities that benefit infants, toddlers, and young kids. But, what sort of music can really engage this age group? Something that has activity and movement with simple instruments. SaPa has designed Music & Movement with exactly this objective in mind.

Music & Movement introduces kids to songs and stories, along with simple movements, from across the country and globe, so they are exposed to a wide range of genres and activities. Left to themselves, parents may tend to play songs and tell stories they like, which is a great place to start. SaPa can take it forward from there, giving them all-round exposure to different Indian and global styles, content, tales, and genres.

The Music & Movement classes will handhold your child and help them learn where they come from while, at the same time, they explore world culture, so they will feel proud of India’s rich heritage while also appreciating and respecting global traditions. Through popular songs, fun, musical activities, coordinated movements, and well-loved stories, help your child learn and remember for years to come.

About SaPa

SaPa, the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts, started in 2007 is the home for great music and musicians. Ably led by our founders, legendary musicians Dr. L. Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam, SaPa has a strong legacy of excellence in Carnatic and global music.

Here at SaPa, we believe in ‘learning through fun’. We have programmes for all age groups with exciting, interactive elements in all our lessons. We ensure that students bring their musical vision to life while also having a great time.

Please tell me more about the Music & Movement classes…

We teach kids simple movements that go with the song. This will help them visualise the song and encourage their sense of rhythm.

Some of the activities include learning songs, making an instrument, story-telling, and many more interactive activities that will introduce music in a holistic way to children.

The objective of the programme is to help kids appreciate music in its different forms. This will give them a solid foundation to help them grow musically. Children will also benefit from the musical community they come in contact with. Watch your kids thrive in good company!

No, this is a class for your kids only.

We have a Parent-Toddler program that parents can attend with their kids (1.5 to 3 years). In our experience, kids older than 3 can manage on their own with our friendly educators. You can rest assured that your child will be well taken care of as our educators are well-versed in looking after children. What is required is a means to occupy his/her attention so he/she adapts seamlessly to the class. Our interactive and fun activity-based sessions will do just this. This will also do a world of good to your child’s confidence as he/she learns to manage independently for short periods of time. Let your child explore this new world!

Absolutely! Since the last couple of years have seen children cooped up indoors, even the usually outgoing children have not got the chance to practise their socialising skills. So, this class is a great opportunity for kids to bond with others.

In this programme, children learn to lose their inhibitions and innate fears when they learn new skills. With songs and story-telling, children are exposed to new perspectives, which encourages them to come up with their own original ideas. When your child has something to share, you will find it difficult to stop them in this warm and friendly space. :)

Thank you for your concern. We would like to assure you that SaPa’s educators have years of experience, which will serve them well here. We will definitely talk to you about how to help your child adjust seamlessly - working together to find ways to engage him/her in a way that matches his/her energy levels.

What children need is an enjoyable and challenging routine. Since music has a calming effect on children, you have taken the right step towards engaging your child. Let’s channelise the high energy levels of your toddler in productive and creative pursuits.

This would be difficult as we go to great lengths to ensure fixed and small batch sizes, so we would request that you attend your scheduled classes.

We understand your concern. Let's find a way to engage him/her in a way that matches his/her energy levels. Music is known to have a calming effect on children. Also, children are creatures of habit. Once they get into a routine, they will look forward to continuing that routine. This is why we suggest a 12-session beginning to this interaction. It will do wonders to channelise the high energy levels of your toddler. Give it a shot!

Nothing immediately. If children need to bring anything to a class, they will be informed in advance.

Can’t wait to meet your kids :)

Talk to our SaPa expert now!

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