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Self-Paced Courses

Self-Paced Courses

Start your musical journey with top musician-led courses at your own pace

SaPa Course Overview

SaPa Course Overview

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We Train Kids to Perform on Stage

SaPa's curriculum has been designed to teach music while preparing students to become performers. Through workshops, student showcases, and collaborative events, students gain valuable stage experience. The idea is to boost their confidence and allow them to hone their skills while exploring their creativity in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Self-Paced Courses

Students Learn at a Pace That Works for Them

At SaPa, every student has the chance to build a learning path that best suits them. They can choose any combination of disciplines that will help them grow as musicians, and progress to the next level depending on their comfort with the material. Assessments are conducted every few months, allowing students to progress faster or take their time at each level.

SaPa In Schools

SaPa In Schools

Join our 40,000+ strong family, partner with SaPa and offer structured music classes for your students at school! We've designed our educator training program with the Norwegian Academy of Music - Europe's largest conservatory. The program helps teachers deal with all kinds of classroom situations. Give your students the benefit of an NEP*-compliant syllabus through this impactful musical experience!

*National Education Policy


Message from the Founders

Whether you're looking to be a stage performer, or a composer for movies, or simply someone who wants to add a little more music to their day, SaPa is here for you. We know the power of learning music, and want to make it available to everyone.

Welcome to SaPa. We hope this is the beginning of a long and enjoyable journey with music.

Bindu and Ambi Subramaniam

Message from the Founders

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When you join SaPa, you become an important member of an internationally-growing family. You connect with musicians & music lovers in all genres from different parts of the globe. With SaPa, one thing is guaranteed - Learning through FUN! Our commitment is to teaching music in a warm & friendly space where you can’t help but become creative & innovative!

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Self-Paced Courses

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