About the Course

Through this course, you’ll learn the basics of harmonica techniques, which will allow you to play just about any standard diatonic harmonica melody and improvise as well. Most importantly, you will be armed with the tools to turn any melody into a work of art and play it with almost as much expression and beauty as a master.

About the Instructor

Corky Siegel

Corky Siegel is one of the world's great blues harmonica players, blues pianist, singer, and writer of unusual songs, a Chamber Blues progenitor and sole pioneer/composer of award-winning works that weave blues and classical forms together. He has been performing for over 55 years, has sold over a million recordings, and won the Chicago Blues Hall of Fame Lifetime Achievement award.

Who can take this course?

Musicians, educators, beginners, and anyone looking to learn a new instrument. The mouth organ is recommended for everyone since you can carry it in your pocket, and is the only instrument that requires you to make music by breathing both out and in. It's also used in some hospitals for lung health.

What you'll learn

Corky Siegel - Learn to Play the Harmonica

  • Introduction (Video) Preview
  • Welcome! (PDF)
  • Metronome, Tambura, and Tuner - User Guide (PDF)
  • Before You Begin (PDF)
  • Meet Corky Siegel (Video)
  • Essentials (Video)
  • Natural Three-Chord Melody (Video)
  • Natural Three-Chord Melody (PDF)
  • Melodic Expression (Video)
  • Melodic Expression (PDF)
  • 7 Chord Melodic Expression (Video)
  • 7 Chord Melodic Expression (PDF)
  • Crescendo and Decrescendo (Video)
  • Crescendo and Decrescendo (PDF)
  • Variations on a Chord (Video)
  • Variation on Each Chord (PDF)
  • Flowing like the Waves on the Ocean (Video)
  • Flowing like the Waves on the Ocean (PDF)
  • Twenty-Six Chord Melodic Expression (Video)
  • Twenty-Six Chord Melodic Expression (PDF)
  • How I Hold the Harmonica (Video)
  • Science of Dynamic Expression (Video)
  • Tips for Slo Suzanna (Video)
  • Slo Suzanna (Video)
  • Slo Suzanna (PDF)
  • Amazing Waves (Video)
  • Slo Suzanna - Take 2 (PDF)
  • Fast Suzanna (Video)
  • Eva Cassidy and Chris Botti (PDF)
  • Slo Suzanna - Take 3 (PDF)
  • Pulse (Video)
  • Pulse for Rhythmic Accuracy (PDF)
  • The Importance of Voice Dynamics (Video)
  • Simple Groove (PDF)
  • Grooving (Video)
  • Blues Groove 1 (PDF)
  • Articulations (Video)
  • Articulations & Dynamics (PDF)
  • Melodic Blues Groove (Video)
  • Melodic Blues Groove (PDF)
  • Single Notes (Video)
  • Single Notes (PDF)
  • Groove with Single Notes (Video)
  • Blues Groove Charts (PDF)
  • From Corky's Kitchen (Video)
  • Slo Suzanna - Single Notes (Video)
  • Slo Suzanna - Single Notes (PDF)
  • In Closing (Video)
  • Thank You! (PDF)

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