What do you learn?

  • Techniques and secrets of stagecraft
  • Developing stage persona and ethics
  • Handling monitors: Stage and in-ears
  • Using the microphone effectively while performing
  • Learning voice modulation and dynamics
  • Breaking down the sound check process
  • Purchasing suitable musical equipment
  • Making a set list that suits you
  • Figuring out what works for you and your audience

Who is this course for?

Students, performers, musicians, event managers, and anyone who knows and loves the music of Usha Uthup!

About the Instructor

Usha Uthup

Usha Uthup is India's most versatile performer and favourite diva, known across the world for hits like Darling, One Two Cha Cha Cha, and many more. With her abundant and wide-ranging experience in performing on stages all over the world, she has amassed a wealth of techniques, tricks, and tips on stage performance. This ageless singer is well-known for her lively and appealing stage presence. In her course on stagecraft, she breaks down the fundamentals of what it takes to be a great entertainer on any stage, in addition to singing some of her greatest hits and sharing anecdotes from her long and illustrious career.

What you'll learn

Usha Uthup - The Art of Stagecraft

  • What is the Stage? (Video) Preview
  • Welcome (PDF)
  • Metronome, Tambura, and Tuner - User Guide (PDF)
  • The Need for Stagecraft (Video)
  • Types of Stages (PDF)
  • Types of Microphones (PDF)
  • Lyrics - Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na (PDF)
  • Stage Monitors (Video)
  • Respect on Stage (Video)
  • Drawing Parallels to Life - Ageless and Ever Evergreen (Video)
  • Lyrics - Evergreen (PDF)
  • Placing the Monitors on Stage (Video)
  • Building Up to the Concert (Video)
  • How You Should Do Your Sound Check? (Video)
  • Experiences from the 'Jingle Queen' (Video)
  • Lyrics - Smile (PDF)
  • In-ear Monitors (Video)
  • Potential Issues with In-ears (Video)
  • Stage Ethics (Video)
  • Giving the Audience What They Come For (Video)
  • The Importance of Voice Dynamics (Video)
  • Lyrics - Get Out of Town (PDF)
  • Stage Set-ups for Live Performances (PDF)
  • Lyrics - Get Lucky (PDF)
  • Breakdown of a Performance - Part 1 (Video)
  • Breakdown of a Performance - Part 2 (Video)
  • Breakdown of a Performance - Part 3 (Video)
  • Breakdown of a Performance - Part 4 (Video)
  • Stage Setup - A Recap (Video)
  • Lyrics - Jaane Tu ya Jaane Na (PDF)
  • The Song List (Video)
  • Top Tips (Video)
  • Lyrics - Autumn Leaves (PDF)
  • A Performance from the Heart (Video)
  • Conclusion (Video)
  • Thank You (PDF)

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