What will my child learn in this Western vocal course for tweens?

Sing 5 hit POP songs from artistes like Pharrell Williams, Bruno Mars, The Sound of Music, The Greatest Showman, Moana & more!

Bring out EXPRESSIONS with your voice - Understand the meaning & context of songs

ENHANCE your performance - Learn body movement and percussion

BOND with your peers - with ice-breakers

Practise WARM-UP EXERCISES - Strengthen & improve your voice

How long is the summer course?

From 5th May to 20th May

12 sessions. 45 minutes per day

Where will my child be learning?

From the comfort of your home - Enjoy ONLINE classes!

Contact Us

Mon to Fri

Tell me more about this summer class…

In the Pop Music & Performance course, your teen/tween will learn to sing popular songs sung by contemporary artistes. Designed for 9 to 14- year-olds, this summer course will train them to sound authentic and professional with the right tones and inflexions. As they are taught the context of songs, they emote with greater understanding.

SaPa educators ensure that along with learning, your tweens/teens have a whole lot of fun with body movement and percussion, while bonding with their fellow students through ice-breakers. We also help them inculcate sound singing practices with warm-up exercises to make sure that every time they set off to sing, they have a full and trained voice that will support them. This boosts their confidence when they perform on stage. So, don’t wait to give your child the benefit of SaPa’s Pop Music & Performance music classes - online!

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