What will my child learn in this music and movement class?

Learn FUN songs - Experience different cultures of India

Participate in activities - Learn movement & body rhythm

Practise warm-up exercises - Develop a rich voice

Sing & perform to songs in 5 different Indian languages

Make your own instrument - with a DIY session

How long is the summer course?

From 5th May to 20th May

12 sessions. 45 minutes per day

Where will my child be learning?

From the comfort of your home - Enjoy ONLINE classes!

Contact Us

Mon to Fri

Tell me more about this music & movement class…

The Journey Through India summer class introduces kids to music from across the country. Children learn to appreciate, respect, and feel one with India’s rich culture and heritage through warm-up exercises, songs, fun activities, and instrument spotlights.

You will be amazed at your child’s linguistic and creative skills as they sing in five different Indian languages, make their own Indian instrument with a Do It Yourself (DIY) session, and feel proud of their roots. Don’t let your child miss out on connecting and bonding with their culture. This is the right age for them to develop that healthy respect, which will ensure they feel grounded all their lives. Give your child a sense of belonging he/she will thank you for all his/her life.

SaPa’s online music and movement classes are just what

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