Music for Wellness and Relaxation

How SaPa in Schools works

The SaPa in Schools programme is a live, in-schools vocal music class that has, so far, touched the lives of 30,000 students. Here is a short preview of what this programme includes:

SaPa’s in-house textbooks have learning content that has been mapped to different learning outcomes and objectives based on the student’s requirements.

All students will have one live vocal music class per week as part of their regular school hours

SaPa will ascertain the number of students in each class and send textbooks to the institute and create logins for each student so they can access SaPa’s Learning Management System (LMS) platform

With the free login to the online learning material, students will have access to video lessons and singalongs, PDFs, and music-related games; they also get practice logs and have access to an in-built pitch detector, metronome & tuner

SaPa performs regular training sessions and certifications of its teachers, and maintains strict quality checks

There will be end-of-year assessments through theory and practical examinations for each student after which they will be awarded certificates

If the number of students in a school exceeds 300, a workshop by a skilled musician will be conducted during the year