Dance Summer Camp for Kids at SaPa

Global, Folk, Contemporary/Semi-Classical, Indian Classical dance

SaPa will give your child a great foundation in the art of expression and storytelling through various forms of global, folk, contemporary, semi-classical and Indian classical dance.

Explore the importance of body movements, how music sets the tone and mood of the dance, gain an understanding of different costumes and to emote through various dance forms.

Dance Summer Camp for Kids at SaPa

Movement, expression, creativity and more

Our focus on safe dance practices and guided warm-up ensures that your child is well prepared for each session. Our style-specific warm-ups will help them get into the right mindset for each dance form, whether it's hip-hop, contemporary, or jazz. Our learning approach is activity-based, so your child is trying out different dance forms, and discovering their own unique style. We also incorporate fun games into our classes to keep things exciting and engaging. And if your child is a fan of storytelling, we've got them covered with our story-telling segment, where they learn how to incorporate narrative into their dance.

What's included in this program?

🌍 Global dance forms: Your child will have the opportunity to learn and explore various dance forms from around the world, including folk, contemporary/semi-classical, and Indian classical dance.

💃 Movement, expression, and creativity: Our program focuses on developing fundamental movement skills and encouraging self-expression and creativity through dance.

👦 👧 Age-specific batches: We have two batches tailored to different age groups and skill levels for children aged 6-8 and children aged 9-14.

🕺‍ Guided warm-ups and safe dance practices: Our program prioritizes safe dance practices and includes guided warm-ups that are style-specific.

🎭 Story-telling segment: In addition to learning dance, your child will have the opportunity to incorporate narrative into their movements and tell stories through dance.

Enroll your child today and help them discover the joy of dance with SaPa!

Course Fee: Rs.2,000 + GST

Program Features

  • Dance classes for 9 to 14 year-old.
  • Classes at Sanjaynagar: Starts from April 17th to April 28th (Mon to Fri, for 2 weeks, 10 days, Sat and Sun off).
  • Classes at Rajajinagar: Starts from May 8th to May 19th (Mon to Fri, for 2 weeks, 10 days, Sat and Sun off).
  • Timings: between 11:15am - 12:00pm
Enroll your child today and help them discover the joy of music with SaPa!

Where this program happens?

Classes happens at SaPa centers - Sanjaynagar & Rajajinagar


Who can attend this program?

Kids between the age of 9 to 14 years


Address: Sanjayanagara

#3, Postal Colony Layout,

1st Main, Sanjayanagara,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560094

Address: Rajajinagar

279/25, 59th Cross, 20th Main Rd,

3rd Block, Rajajinagar,

Bengaluru, Karnataka 560010