What will my child learn?

Sing 5 BHAJANS - Learn the various deities and traditions of India

Appreciate India’s multilingual culture - Sing in 5 different languages

Learn all about India’s HERITAGE - Learn the meanings and stories associated with each bhajan & understand traditions

Identify & understand the RAGAS of the bhajans - Appreciate the rhythmic patterns of the songs

Practise warm-up EXERCISES - Learn techniques that will strengthen your singing and breathing practices

Enjoy INTERACTIVE sessions - Ask questions about Indian culture that you have always wanted the answers to

How long is the summer course?

From 5th May to 20th May

12 sessions. 45 minutes per day

Where will my child be learning?

From the comfort of your home - Enjoy these ONLINE courses!

Contact Us

Mon to Fri

Tell me more about the Bhajans for Kids summer camp…

The online bhajans for children summer camp is a must-not-miss experience for your tween/teen! In this summer class, children will learn to identify with India’s rich culture and heritage through music and songs. They will learn the meaning, stories and ragas of the bhajans - and this will help them understand why certain traditions and practices in India came to be. This class is available to 9 to 14-year-olds.

What tweens and teens need most today is a sense of belonging. With SaPa’s inclusive and interactive activities, your tween/teen will feel a sense of pride and belonging to their motherland. Expose them to their heritage and you will help them feel grounded with strong roots. This will, in turn, allow them to sprout wings as they fly to any part of the world with a clear picture of who they are and where they come from. So, GIFT your tween/teen the SUMMER SPECIAL online Bhajans for Kids music classes!

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