What will my child learn?

Sing 5 BHAJANS - Identify deities and learn some of India's diverse traditions

Identify MELODIES - Learn some basic ragas

Learn new languages - Sing in 5 different languages

Listen to stories from India’s HERITAGE - What do the bhajans mean? What is the story behind each bhajan? Learn here

Exercise your VOCAL cords - Learn warm-up drills to strengthen your voice

Learn through FUN activities!

How long is the summer course?

From 5th May to 20th May

12 sessions. 45 minutes per day

Where will my child be learning?

From the comfort of your home - Enjoy these ONLINE courses!

Contact Us

Mon to Fri

Tell me more about the Bhajans for Kids summer camp…

Amongst SaPa’s most popular summer classes, the online bhajans for children summer camp is an experience your child should not miss! SaPa’s summer classes have a high level of FUN quotient and plenty of interactive sessions, which will ensure your child has a marvellous time learning. This class is available to 6 to 8-year-olds.

In this summer class, children will learn all about India’s culture and traditions through songs and stories. They will be able to identify deities and learn the stories and meanings associated with each bhajan. SaPa teaches bhajans in 5 different languages, which exposes children to new ideas and perspectives. This makes them comfortable with and connect to more people and consequently, they include more people in their friend circle. So, open the new-old world of India’s rich diversity to your children with the Bhajans for kids online music classes!

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