About the Masterclass

Welcome to this masterclass, A Carnatic Workout, designed for students and performers of Indian classical music. A perfect Carnatic music class for adults as well as children to clarify concepts. Delivered by Abhishek Raghuram, one of the most sought-after Carnatic vocalists in the world today, this session is a chance to take your practice and performance to the next level.

Part I

Pushing the envelope of varisais – Setting out from the realm of traditional exercise sequences, gradually progressing the complexity of swara arrangements, we move towards methods to identify and build sophisticated varisais to include in our daily regime. During the session, we work on a few of these to serve as models for practitioners. Ragas will be aptly chosen to enunciate the possibilities and challenges imposed by the scale.

Part II

Deciphering the rhythmic landscape – Starting from the familiar cycles such as Adi and Chapu talas, we engage in a subtle narration of rhythmic repertoire of the Carnatic system. We work on a framework of exercises focussing on aspects of rhythmic stability, aesthetics and creativity. We move towards sharpening our senses to the rhythmic patterning in compositions

What you'll get:

  • A chance to practise with Abhishek Raghuram
  • Vocal exercises - from simple to a high level of complexity
  • Exploring these exercises in ragas of complex structures
  • Rhythm exercises to complement vocal exercises
  • Challenging your ability to reach another level
  • A chance to pick the brains of one of Carnatic's best


  • An understanding of how to practise smart
  • Tips on improving your practice variety
  • Practice tips to help get a better grip on melody and rhythm

About the Instructor

Abhishek Raghuram is one of the most sought-after Carnatic vocalists in the world today. He has been performing for over two decades around the world, and his music has been described as 'food for the intellect, mind, heart, and soul'.

With a passion to teach, inspire, and provoke thought, Abhishek works with students of music. His sessions are focused on creating awareness of better singing techniques, developing a keen ear for listening, and honing creative expression while keeping to the fundamental principles.

About SaPa

Led by singer-songwriter Bindu Subramaniam and violinist Ambi Subramaniam, SaPa - Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts - takes in learners as young as three years old and helps them fall in love with music. We offer personalised and group classes in every musical discipline - from Carnatic vocal to Western instrumental. We also offer self-paced courses and workshops led by the world's best-loved musicians.

All learning material at SaPa - curriculum, textbooks, and assessments - are designed and developed in-house. Our vision is to give every child a long and fulfilling journey with music, and to promote non-competitive excellence.