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  • The SaPa Sampler Course welcomes all children between the ages of 4 and 10 years.
  • No prior musical experience is required; the course caters to absolute beginners.

Course Structure:

  • Disciplines covered are Carnatic vocal, mridangam, flute, and ukulele.
  • The course spans three months, with a total of 48 immersive sessions.
  • Four classes per week, 2 classes per day, twice a week.
  • In-person classes only at the SaPa centre in Rajajinagar, Bangalore.
  • Tuesday and Saturdays | 6.15 pm to 7.45 pm.


  • Participants will receive continuous feedback and encouragement throughout the course.
  • Upon successful completion, students will be awarded a certificate from Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts (SaPa).

Course Objectives

🎶 Kickstart the Musical Journey: The course aims to help parents who want to find the ideal musical discipline for their child, but aren’t sure where to start.

🎵 Comprehensive Curriculum: Participants will explore diverse musical genres, traditions, and cultures. They will receive training in instrumental and vocal music, covering Carnatic vocal, mridangam, flute and ukulele.

💪🏿 Laying a Strong foundation: The key objective is to lay a musical foundation, helping children explore Carnatic, Hindustani, and Western melodies, as well as experience vocal, percussion, and string instruments. This sets the stage for future musical training.

🎼 Interactive Learning: The course blends learning and play to discover music through interactive and enjoyable sessions. Participants will engage in hands-on activities that stimulate both their creativity and intellect.

🎭 Cultural Understanding: Throughout the course, children will explore various musical genres and traditions, gaining a deeper understanding of diverse cultures and expanding their horizons.

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About Sampler Course

Discover your child's musical calling and set them on an exciting journey through the diverse realms of music with SaPa's Sampler Course in Music. The Sampler course in Music is designed to help parents who want to find the ideal musical discipline for their child, but aren’t sure where to start.

Crafted for children aged 4 to 10, this transformative program delves into the worlds of Carnatic, Hindustani, & Western melodies and rhythms. It will help nurture a lifelong passion for music in your child while fostering creativity and cultural appreciation. Your child will have the opportunity to explore various musical genres, receive introductory levels of vocal and instrumental training, and get exposed to different instruments and singing styles. Over the 48 immersive sessions (3 months), they will develop practical skills, boost their confidence, and earn a SaPa certification.

SaPa Online Classes
SaPa Online Classes
SaPa Online Classes

Why Choose Our Course?

  1. Multidisciplinary Approach: Our course offers 4 music disciplines simultaneously, enabling quick decision-making for you or your child.
  2. Synergy of Learning: All disciplines are thoughtfully designed to complement each other, enhancing the learning experience.
  3. Expertly Crafted Curriculum: Developed in collaboration with curriculum experts, our course provides access to exclusive materials on our Learning Management System (LMS) for effective practice.

About SaPa

SaPa, the Subramaniam Academy of Performing Arts, started in 2007 is the home for great music and musicians. Guided by the vision of our founders, legendary musicians Dr. L. Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamurti Subramaniam, and ably led by singer-songwriter Bindu Subramaniam and violinist Ambi Subramaniam, SaPa has a strong legacy of excellence in Carnatic and global music.

Here at SaPa, we believe in ‘learning through fun’. We have exciting, interactive elements in all our lessons, and ensure that students bring their musical vision to life while also having a great time.

More questions about Sampler Course in Music ?

The course aims to get your child started on his/her musical journey - for them to learn the basics about a range of musical disciplines and then based on that decide what they would like to pursue, going forward.

The course content includes:

  1. "Explore the Musical World" - exploration of diverse musical genres, traditions, and cultures.
  2. "Instrumental & Vocal Training" introduces participants to Carnatic vocal, mridangam, flute, ukulele, and more.
  3. "Open Your Horizons" exposes participants to various instruments, singing styles, and musical expressions.

The key objective of this course is to help you explore, discover, and kickstart your child’s musical journey with a solid foundation. The course will let them explore Carnatic, Hindustani and Western melodies as well as experience Vocal, Percussion, and String Instruments. This will help set the stage for your child’s future musical training.

The course blends learning and play to discover music theory basics through interactive and enjoyable sessions. We help children discover the world of notes, melodies, and rhythms with the help of stories and fun activities that are both hand-on as well as minds-on. Carnatic vocals will initiate them into carnatic music with a combination of voice and breathing exercises, the basic carnatic exercises and simple pieces.

Participants will engage in four classes per week, accumulating a total of 48 immersive sessions over a period of 3 months. These classes will be conducted in-person only at the SaPa centre in Rajajinagar, Bangalore.

Throughout the course, participants receive feedback and encouragement to explore as much as the child desires. At the end of each segment, the child will be assessed on his progress and the parent will be updated on the same.

Yes, participants who successfully complete the SaPa Sampler Course receive a certificate from Subramanium Academy of Performing Arts (SaPa).

The course welcomes all children between ages 4 and 10.

Absolutely. The course caters to absolute beginners only.

Throughout the course, children will be exploring various musical genres and traditions, learn more about them through stories and activities. The course is structured to cover 3 popular genres of music - Carnatic, Hindustani and Western. It also initiates the child into different forms of music, like vocal, string instruments, wind instruments and percussion.

The SaPa Sampler Course is designed to accommodate participants from ages 4 to 10 years only.

This is the only course of its kind - where children are exposed to a wide range of musical topics in an unbiased manner, giving the CHILD the opportunity to decide for herself/himself what they are interested in, what they have an aptitude for.

No, we only offer in-person classes for this course. The level of engagement required, the instruments needed cannot be achieved in a virtual environment.

In addition to Carnatic vocals, the course introduces participants the mridangam, flute, ukulele, and more.

To enroll, simply follow the registration process detailed on our website or contact our team for assistance.

Explore the rich world of music, creativity, and cultural understanding through SaPa’s Sampler Course in Music. Register now!

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Hear from our SaPa family

I really like to learn songs quickly. I like that my teacher knows me really well and always makes sure I'm learning at a pace that keeps me excited. She makes sure to send me recordings and karaoke tracks so I can practise well during the week before my next class.

- Aatmika, age 11, student

It's nice to see my daughter enjoying herself while also practising consistently. She gets individual attention and feedback from her teacher, which helps her.

- Nisha, SaPa Parent

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