Why Bollywood Meets Classical classes

Does your child enjoy listening to and singing classical Hindi film songs? Bollywood has plenty of famous old as well as new tracks which have timeless, classical melodies. It is a great way to attract children towards classical music, and yet, you need not master classical music before you attempt to sing these songs. This Bollywood Meets Classical course provides the perfect opportunity for your child to sing classical Bollywood songs even without a background in classical music.

Your child will learn how to sing in the right pitch, learn intonation, and emote appropriately through his/her voice. A little training on the correct techniques with insider tips will help them sing in rhythm and tune, hitting all the right notes. Enjoy a live performance of famous Bollywood classical songs right at home whenever you want!

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What to expect in Bollywood Meets Classical for kids

Sing classical songs from iconic Hindi films

Learn and practise vocal exercises to master the ragas involved

Master the right pitch, tune, intonation, and rhythm of each song

Get special tips to give performances in classical film songs

Benefits for Children

Learn technical singing tips & techniques

Develop singing voice

Sound like a professional singer

Express appropriate emotions through voice

Gain knowledge on classical ragas

Why our learners love SaPa

Qualified & experienced educators

Friendly learning environment

Broadminded approach to learning

Access to Indian & global music

Well-researched teaching methodology

Personalised focus on growth

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I am interested but I have some more questions…

The Bollywood Meets Classical class teaches children to sing Bollywood songs with classical elements in them. We will help them understand the raga and other technical aspects such as intonation and pitch.

We will teach children vocal exercises that will help them master the raga pertaining to the song.

We have professionally trained music educators with practical experience in performance.

There will be a maximum of 15 in each batch - just enough to make the class interesting, but not so many that your child becomes invisible!

It would help to attend all the sessions so there would be continuity in learning the songs. Bollywood Meets Classical will teach you different songs, so try to plan the sessions you do attend in consonance with your educator to ensure you learn songs in entirety.

No, as this class will be held during the Dussehra vacations, there will not be any compensatory classes.

Classes will be held online on Zoom or Skype. So, you can attend them even if you are on vacation!

Yes, we have over 2 years of experience in online classes now. We encourage children to keep their camera on so we can actively interact with them and supervise their learning.

Yes, we will do our best to make the classes relevant to your child’s age group.

Yes, absolutely! We encourage participation wholeheartedly. Children normally come up with great ideas and improvisations of their own, which we incorporate in the lessons.

Yes, we will be giving course completion certificates.