Why Western Vocal Classes for Kids?

Does your child like to watch and sing songs from animated movies? Do you find him/her often holding a mike singing in front of an imaginary crowd belting out popular numbers from pop songs? Would he/she like to sing songs from classics? If yes, this is the course you are looking for! The Western Vocals class will boost your child's confidence as he/she trains to sing famous pop songs and songs from animated movies and classics.

Your child will learn to do warm up exercises that will enhance lung capacity and improve voice. Children will be taught the stories and context of the songs they are learning to bring out the melody and right pitch. This will help them emote, intonate, maintain rhythm, and learn to sing songs like a professional. Additionally, they will learn how to prepare for the stage with the right body language and also develop stage presence.

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What to expect in Western Vocal Classes

Learn hit English pop songs & songs from classics (for 9-14 yrs)

Learn popular songs from animated films & famous artistes (for 6-8 yrs)

Practise warm-up exercises

Learn nuances of stage performance

Benefits for Children

Boosts confidence

Enhances self-expression

Builds lung capacity

Acts as a destresser

Why our learners love SaPa

Qualified & experienced educators

Friendly learning environment

Broadminded approach to learning

Access to Indian & global music

Well-researched teaching methodology

Personalised focus on growth

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I am interested but I have some more questions…

We will be teaching children to sing from famous animated films and famous classics, helping them sound like the stars they admire. They will also learn pop songs by great artistes. They will learn 3-4 songs based on their ability as well as the availability of time.

SaPa has professionally trained music educators with vast experience in singing and stage performances.

There will be a maximum of 15 children in a batch.

It would be good to attend all the classes as we would love to teach your child as many songs as possible. However, if you are not able to attend a class or two, let your educator know so that your song is not left unfinished.

Yes, classes will be held on Zoom or Skype.

Unfortunately no, since they are going to be conducted during the Dussehra vacations.

Don’t worry, we have selected songs from iconic, hit movies and popular, well-known songs. Your child will enjoy our selections immensely. Also, SaPa’s approach of learning with fun helps make the class a joyful experience.

Yes, absolutely! We have experience in teaching classes online for the last two years. We will ensure that your child participates and sings correctly.

Yes, we will be giving course completion certificates.