What you will learn

Mudras & hastas - Hand gestures

Adavus - Basic steps set to talas

Improves posture

Viniyoga - Shlokas from ancient texts

Exercises - Strengthening of muscles

Shlokas and songs - Foundation to different movements

Theory - Dance with meaning

You are welcome to talk to a SaPa expert on Bharatanatyam classes and create your learning journey to find out what works best for you.

Why learn Bharatanatyam dance?

Bha - Bhavam or expression; Ra - Ragam or tune; Ta - Talam or beat; Natyam - Dance

An Indian classical dance form that originated in Tamil Nadu, Bharatanatyam has become a popular universal dance form learnt by girls and boys across the country and world today. There are many reasons for its popularity: the aligned body posture, nimble finger patterns, expressive hand gestures, mesmerising eye movements, subtle limb movements, powerful foot tapping, devotional and enthralling music, multi-hued and dazzling costumes, and the overall grace of the performance make the Bharatanatyam dancer a truly spectacular and colourful visual treat.

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Who can learn?

Anyone interested in classical dance forms

Anyone with interest in Indian culture

Complete beginners are welcome! No background in dance required!

Benefits of learning Bharatanatyam

Instils discipline

Increases focus

Improves posture

Increases endurance and stamina

Strengthens & tones the arm and leg muscles

Increases confidence and self-esteem

Enhances self-expression

Increases sense of balance and stability

Improves fitness

Why SaPa classes?

  1. Classes for beginners - No prior knowledge of dance or music required
  2. For ages 6 & above - Anyone above this age is welcome to learn
  3. Qualified educator - Classes taught by a certified & performing artiste
  4. Convenient timings - Weekend classes
  5. Small batch size - Maximum of 15 students enabling personalised attention
  6. Certifications - Training for excelling in exams
  7. Solid foundation - Learn bharatanatyam the right way from the fundamentals with meanings & expressions
  8. Structured classes - Learn systematically from basic steps to shlokas and songs
  9. Insight into Indian culture - Learn the background stories and meanings to emote appropriately
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I have more questions…

We currently offer only in-person classes for bharatanatyam at our Bangalore centres.

Please check out our centres at Sanjaynagar and Rajajinagar in Bangalore

As this is our introductory batch, currently, we have classes only once a week. However, based on registrations, we will consider increasing both batches and frequency of classes.

Yes, absolutely. We have seen many adults, without any background in dance and music, learn bharatanatyam. Active interest and regular practice are the secrets for learning this art form.

We are very happy to learn of your interest and encourage you to wait for a short while before joining bharatanatyam classes. The reason we suggest that children should be above six years of age is that the rigorous foot tapping and intricate hand gestures can be taxing on a small child.

Yes, of course! Bharatanatyam can be learnt by boys and girls alike. There are many accomplished male dancers.

You have come to the right place! We will be conducting bharatanatyam dance classes for kids above the age of 6 years. At SaPa, we believe in learning with in-depth understanding and achieving excellence. Start your journey with us.

Our educator will ensure that you are taught the meanings, history, and background of the songs. Bharatanatyam is a universal dance form that is learnt by people from across India and the globe. In fact, you will have the chance to learn new languages and practices as you learn this dance form. And get an insight into Indian culture - a golden connection to our rich heritage!

Any form of dance will help in flexibility and fitness. As bharatanatyam has its own technical aspects, we will ensure that you learn all the nuances and variations and get a solid foundation into this classical style.

Based on the progress of students, we will assess their ability to perform. Bharatanatyam has many technical elements and it takes time for children to adjust to the specific movements. Please encourage your child to practise what is taught in class. Getting the basics right will go a long way towards dancing with the right gestures and movements. This is when your child will feel prepared to give a stage performance. Generally, they should learn for at least a year.

With the National Education Policy (NEP) giving more importance to Arts subjects, including music, exam certifications in dance can help you pursue a career in dance and music. What exams do is that they perfect the technical elements of dance like hand gestures, adavus, and facial expressions. The theoretical knowledge that you learn when you prepare for exams also provides a solid base for your performance.

Apart from practice, it would be a good idea for your child to watch bharatanatyam performances to see the different expressions and movements of other performers. Exposure to the art form will kindle more interest to practise and excel.

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