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“My violin classes at SaPa are very captivating! My teacher, Ambi, points out the differences between Indian and Western classical violin and teaches me things that can be applied to both, connecting them and improving my whole musical outlook.”
– Martina Joy Peter – violin – Grade 8, ABRSM.



“SaPa been a second home to me from the last six years. At SaPa, the approach to teaching is different – we are thought to play the violin with ease and with most sophisticated techniques, so that our playing experience become enjoyable and innovative. We are taught to develop a sensitive ear for pitch, pulse for complex rhythm, and musicianship. SaPa provides quality music education for an aspiring musician, with depth of knowledge and a medium for implementation. Almost all of our exercises are designed by the legend Dr. L. Subramaniam himself, who also provides us guidance and assessment from time to time, alongwith Ambi Subramaniam. All these years at SaPa have been nothing but joy to me.”
– Karthik RS – violin, vocal, konnakol



“I have known SaPa since 2008, October and am associated with it since then. It came to my knowledge that Dr. L Subramaniam Academy was conducting violin classes right at the time when I was thinking of initiating my daughter Sangeetha into Carnatic Music. Without any second thoughts I enrolled her into the school and I sincerely consider it as a blessing of God. Our experience since then has been very good. Three years later, I enrolled my son Mukund also into SaPa, and he has also been very fortunate to have wonderful teachers.

There are many things that I like about SaPa that make it different: structured method of teaching, focus on fundamentals and dedicated teachers/gurus are the foremost. The highly talented and motivating teachers truly deserve a lot of appreciation for their selfless service. The stress on regular practice and periodic assessments are good in that they make students understand that only with practice is it possible to be able to play well. The child friendly workshops have been really enjoyable and made the children aware of art from various parts of the world. Interactions with Dr L Subramaniam and mentoring sessions by Ambi have been motivating to students. Theory sessions and Fast track classes conducted by Hari have also been very useful. The free violin service that has been introduced recently is really very useful for students who have had problems with their instruments but do not know how to get it fixed.Over the years I have seen SaPa grow. I wish you all the best SaPa. ”
– Vani HS – SaPa Parent


“Maybe it’s the strict observance to quality (in every note played) or the joy of playing tunes from the ‘SaPa Baby’ book, which makes learning Indian classical violin at SaPa both challenging and fun.”
– Jasiel Peter, violin – Dip. (violin), ABRSM.


Hariharan Nagarajan

Neha started her vocal carnatic classes at SaPa from October 2011, when she was 3 years 9 months old. Neha’s interest and dedication in music was the key factor of acceptance as a student at SaPa. SaPa follows a unique technique and a syllabus. They emphasize on practicing music daily. The teachers at SaPa constantly communicate to the parent regarding the child’s strengths and areas of improvement. The teacher also explains techniques in a manner, which is easily understandable by the child. Basic Carnatic theory is also imparted together with the practicals. This has enabled Neha to correlate between the theory and vocal music. By emphasizing the fundamentals of a raga, Neha is able to identify the raga as soon as she hears it.

SaPa also conducts various workshops for their students. These workshops are conducted by eminent music experts from all over the world. By attending such workshops students receive the knowledge of other forms of music. Early this year, Neha got an opportunity to perform in front of people from Spain and Norway, for which she received great appreciation. Such stages develop the confidence in a child. Also this year, SaPa has introduced “Summer at SaPa”. This includes various classes like Bhajans, Shlokas, etc. Such extra classes keep the students occupied in a very useful manner.– Hariharan Nagarajan, SaPa Parent


sridhar ranganathan

“Navya has been learning carnatic vocals at SAPA for the past couple of years. Their teaching method and techniques, focused on honing the fundamentals of ragas, the importance of shruthi, and the teachers’ ability to strengthen Navya’s musical foundation have resulted in her learning her music well as well as enjoying it. The musical atmosphere in SAPA is something that even we, as parents, look forward to immersing ourselves in, in every class.”– Sridhar Ranganathan, SaPa parent