SaPa has introduced certifications based on the SaPa syllabus.  There are three Baby levels, levels Sa – Ni and three Advanced levels. Examinations for children are conducted in a non-stressful, child friendly environment and designed to provide a necessary measure of progress from one level to the next.

SaPa Exams promote and examine holistic development with their focus on compositions, theory, application of theoretical concepts, instrument and voice specific technique, and presentation and performance skills.

In line with the SaPa Method, SaPa Certifications are designed to create performers, and ensure that students are taught to know what they are learning and why.

Teacher Certification:

SaPa provides teacher certification for musicians and teachers interested in career advancement opportunities.  SaPa certified teachers are eligible to teach the SaPa Method, both in schools and as private affiliates.  To find out how you can be SaPa certified, contact us.