SaPa – Times NIE Geet Sangeet 17-18




Rules for Preliminary Round:

1. Duration of the performance should not exceed 5 minutes
2. Recording must be a fresh one, recordings from previous performances will not be accepted
3. Recording must be clear and in .mp3/.wav format
4. Finalists of previous edition are allowed to participate, winners of the previous edition are not.
5. The participants should upload only audio files, which can be saved to Soundcloud/Google drive/Dropbox. They should make sure to give access to open the file, if uploading on Google Drive.
6. Only students from participating schools of TOI-NIE are eligible to participate
Category Specific Rules:
 Indian Classical Vocal solo
– Carnatic and hindustani classical music fall under this category
– No devarnamas, bhavageete and related devotional/film pieces
– Only accompaniment allowed is tanpura (manual/electronic)
 Indian Light Classical Vocal Solo
– Bhavageete, devarnamas, devotional and light classical pieces from films are permitted
– Only accompaniment allowed is tanpura (manual/electronic)
Indian Instrumental solo
– Carnatic or hindustani music played on instruments is allowed in this category
– No film songs permitted
– Percussion instruments like mridangam, tabla do not fall under this category
– Only accompaniment allowed is tanpura (manual/electronic)
Percussion solo
– All percussion (Indian and International) falls under this category
– Only accompaniment allowed is Tanpura (manual/electronic), no Lehera allowed
Group Performance
– A team of minimum 2 persons and a maximum of 6 persons is allowed
– It can be Indian/International music
– Vocals/instruments are allowed
International Music Vocal solo
– Vocal music from any genre except Indian music falls under this category
– It can be western classical/pop/rock/folk/ any other international music
– Singing on a karaoke track is not allowed, self-accompaniment is permitted
International Music Instrumental solo
– Instrumental Music from any genre excluding Indian music falls under this category
– It can be western classical/pop/rock/folk or any other international music
– No percussion instruments like drums in this category
– No pre-recorded music allowed
– There will be one winner from each category and one overall grand prize winner
– Finalists will have the opportunity to attend a mentoring session by Dr. L. Subramaniam and Kavita Krishnamuthi Subramaniam
– Grand prize winner gets to take part in The SaPa Show, a music TV show which has featured top musicians from all over the world
– Outstanding performers will get a free scholarship with SaPa for a year
– All participants will receive certificates and trophies




Uploading files to SoundCloud:

Uploading Files to Google Drive:

Uploading Files to Dropbox: